Hi, my name is Priscilla and I am currently studying Computer Science (Multimedia) at Vrije University in Amsterdam.

Currently I am finishing my master project which focusses on learning how to apply first aid by making use of a interactive player. You can take a look at the projects tab to see my progress on the project.

The purpose of this portfolio is to show the skills I have obtained through my study but also through practice.

In my free time I like to make illustrations about anything by using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I also started learning how to use Adobe After Effects, for some video editting and animation.

My ambition is pursuing the dream of becoming a professional digital artist.

My journey

My journey started at a joung age. I always loved to draw at home or at school. I would draw things I saw from the television or even being crafty and make something creative.

Unfortunatly I did not go further in this and began studying moleculair biology and got my bachelor degree. After this I eventually got the idea from my best friend to pursue my art skills. She always believed that I am talented and should do something with this talent, so I started studying Computer Science.  Unfortunatly courses which I wanted to follow stopped being existed the year I started the study. 

Eventhough I learned much about creating websites and the more theoretical parts of Computer Science, I still missed the courses which could improve my digital art skills. So I practiced a lot on my own and did courses such as adobe illustrator to gain knowledge about drawing software. This have led to understanding of vector art and skill development.

I intend to learn more programs such as adobe After Effects and about Photoshop. I do have knowledge about photoshop and I recently started to learn After effects. There is always room for improvement.  

And this is where my journey is at the moment.